Welcome to BeMyPatron.org! The purpose of Be My Patron is to provide an alternative method of funding work in art and literature. One of the most problematic elements of being a young artist or author is finding the money to bring your ideas to fruition. Our goal is to change that, by democratizing the fundraising process: rather than competing for a small list of sponsorships and grants, we're putting out an open request for donations towards one of several projects. In this way, a collective group of individuals can donate only what they are willing or able, and still feel that they are helping to bring more art and literature into the world. Where individually, we might not be able to sponsor an artist, collectively, it's absolutely possible.

There are several ways to support Be My Patron. While the clearest and easiest way is to donate money either to the general fund, or towards a specific project, if you have resources that you feel would benefit a project, feel free to offer them instead. In return for your donation, you will be listed on our patrons page, and if applicable, thanked within the the project itself. Your patron listing includes your name, amount donated, and a link if you so choose (you can also choose to use that space for your favorite organization or group, or donate anonymously), as a way to provide some immediate reward to our patrons.

Project 1
Well, one idea is to put together a photo essay book about borders and corners.
Project 2
Another idea is funding for a year of writing, with the goal of a novel by the end of the year.
Project 3
Another idea is another photo project, of collecting a bunch of pictures that Mom and Gammy took in their travels, and returning to them now, 30 or 50 years later
Project 4
Another thought is a study of cities. Woo!